Script It, Say It, Sell It

Start your speaking career now!

Here is your opportunity to learn precisely the steps you need to take to enter the lucrative world of professional paid speaking.

Maybe you already speak

Probably you’ve already done a fair bit of speaking for all sorts of audiences. Perhaps you honed your skills in Rostrum, Toastmasters, Rotary or the like and you know you have the talent, the skill and the ability. Your family and friends (and you know anyway) tell you that you’re good. You can literally hold an audience in the palm of your hand.

Knowing how is the key

Make no mistake, moving from free to fee is the result of following a logical series of steps that will inevitably lead to an increasing number of well paid speaking opportunities for many satisfied clients. Having the know-how is the key.

Turn your skills into a career

If you’re like most speakers when they began, you’ve probably collected more teaspoons, glasses, book tokens and bottles of port than you can shake a stick at. Moving from the “gift for speaking” stage to the satisfaction of “fee for speaking” just doesn’t happen by magic. It’s the result of careful planning and successful implementation of a strategy to turn your skill into a career where people will happily pay money… big money… for your skills.

With this programme, you are guaranteed to learn how!

Because of the ever increasing demand for professional speaking this special Programme is an excellent way for you to gather all the facts, techniques and know-how you need to make the transition from free to fee… now!

The sole purpose of this programme is to tell you exactly what you must do to join the ranks of professional speakers straight away.

Presented by a proven professional

Winston is a full time speakers in the top echelon of professionals in Australia and is a member and Past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia, the body to which professional speakers belong.

Learn the secrets… fast!

Regardless of the applause you get when you speak for free it doesn’t matter a hoot when you demand a fee. Your audiences… and the people who pay your fee… have totally different demands and expectations. This workshop shows you exactly what they are. You’ll learn:
No matter what your subject or topic, how to turn it into a keynote speech and workshop that answers your needs of your market.
How to get your first paid engagement within 14 days of completing this programme.
How to identify the people and the organizations who are crying out for information, inspiration and motivation.
The secrets of successfully presenting your information to the person who hires you and your audience in a way that maximises the value. It is a whole lot different to freebie speaking where results aren’t critical.
What to do to make them want you… and pay too!
The critical steps to running your career like a business to give you the income and lifestyle you dream about.

Script It, Say It, Sell It

Now you can earn $500 to $5000 per day as a professional speaker and be treated like a celebrity even if you have never spoken before.

In this amazing program you will find the secrets to confidently delivering powerful and profitable presentations when the results really count.

Script it! You will learn how to find a topic that turns both you and your audience on and how to package your talk in an interesting, informative way.  How to do the background research, how to write your talk, how to put in humour and how to get a title that sells the speech by itself.  This is how to write speeches that pay.

Say it! Here you will discover the tricks of the trade that professional speakers use to make their messages memorable, motivational and magical.  You’ll learn how and where to rehearse, how to create spontaneity and interaction and how to use additives that will make your speech remembered long after the applause has ended.  Even if you haven’t spoken before this is the guide to the art of successful speaking.

Sell it! It doesn’t matter how good your message is and how well you say it, if you don’t have an audience you don’t have anything.  Discover the different ways you can get paid to speak, how you find somebody who will pay you and what they want in return. You’ll learn how to build a bank of potential clients and how to nurture the relationship so that they’ll hire you and keep coming back.

Invest in this program if you are already a reasonably accomplished speaker, or if you think you can become one, and you have a passion to present a message of interest and importance to people. You may have already commenced speaking, either in a speaking club or in business, and now you are looking for ways to capitalise on your abilities.  Or you just feel the urge to speak and you have the commitment to achieve your goal.

Invest in your speaking career now!

Invest now!